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Tile Flooring Services In Lancaster, CA

The variation of estimates from bidding prospective contractors a homeowner can receive can sometimes be confusing. When a contractor is bidding on the job, they base it on the different installation methods a tile setter uses to lay the tile flooring Lancaster, as well as the time each method takes to complete properly. A customer who understands the basics of tile design, installation, and purchase, is better equipped when comparing estimates.

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There are three installation methods and they are as follows:

Wire and Mortar Reinforcement

The mortar and wire base method is the most time-consuming and costly method because it requires the most steps, but it is the best way to be sure you have a solid and level installation vertically and horizontally.

You must first begin by protecting the cabinets with plastic. Then you would place tar paper on the decks as a moisture barrier. After the tar paper is laid, then you must staple wire on top of the paper. Next, you would install cap strip to reinforce the counter’s corners. Then, a layer of sand, cement, and lime mixed together, called mortar, is then applied. Once your mortar hardens, a very thin spread of glue is then added to seal the mortar to the tile. The tile is left overnight to cure, and then the grout is mixed and applied.

tile floor Lancaster

The Mortarboard Method

Another method some tile floor installation specialist use is the mortarboard method. In this method, pre-made sheets of mortar are used. This method not only saves time, but it saves money as well. It saves time by taking out the wiring step and reduces the time needed for the mortar to get harder. It is not usually a great idea to use this method on horizontal surfaces.

The Glue or Mastic Method

Ceramic and porcelain are usually the picks for homeowners in their kitchen and bathrooms. Most choose these types of tile because they do not know what other tile options are available. Here are just a couple types of tile that you can choose from as an alternative.

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Outdoor Tiling

Manufacturing tiles that will last through the elements, and the weather outside, is not the cheapest option, but it will give you a beautiful, attracting look that you will be satisfied with.

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Slip resistant

When installing tiles outside it is a necessity that the tile is slip-resistant to keep you and other people safe when walking around or playing. You might even want slip resistant in your bathroom or even in your kitchen for the same reasons.

Outdoor Decking Tile

Homeowners choose this style as an inexpensive alternative to outdoor tiles. These tiles are usually used as an accent for existing structures. You can have decking tiles applied directly to the original material.

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