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Roof Installation Services In San Gabriel, CA

I know the common question people ask themselves is, “If it isn’t broke why should I fix it?”. When it comes to roofs, I have the answer to that question. If you wait until your roof starts leaking, you will end up paying a lot more for your new roof installation in San Gabriel, than if you take preventative measures and get a new roof. Now instead of simply replacing a loose board now, you have you replace the entire roof later.

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Is This a Good Time To Replace My Roof?

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I understand you don’t always know when it is time for your roof to be maintenance or replaced, here are some tips to so you do:

  • The average shelf-life of an asphalt shingled roof, if installed properly with great materials, is around 20-25 years. There are some variables that my affect how long it last, for example, the number of singles and proper ventilation. We recommend you get a roof inspection. Get your inspection with us residential Roof Installation in San Gabriel.
  • When you go outside and look up at your roof, are the shingle lines still straight or can you see differences in the level of the shingles on your roof? If you answered yes it is time to call Click 4 Home Improvements's residential Roof Installation in San Gabriel. A hanging shingle indicates there might be sheathing underneath and or possibly rotting. You need to have your roof some maintenance or get a brand new residential roof installation in San Gabriel
  • Now look at the valleys, these are the most significant part of your roof because it’s is where snow and rain are caught and lead to the gutters. When you clean you gutters twice a year, do you find asphalt granules in the gutter? That could mean there is breakdown of the asphalt shingles.
  • As the shingles on your roof get older, they begin to decline and disappear. When you look at your roof, are there any shingles missing? Are they deformed in anyway? If yes, call us Roof Installation in San Gabriel, and we will come right out and repair or replace your roof shingles.
  • If your roof has a chimney, they can become a potential soft zone. They need long-term water-tight fitting like metal flashing.
  • One night, after or during a perfect storm with a good hard rain, go up to the attic. Look for evidence of leaks or moisture. Check if any you can see beams of daylight streaming through the roof boards as well.
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If at some point you are seeing any of the above mentioned warnings, you should get your roof inspected immediately. Calls us, Roof Installation Company of San Gabriel, and we will come give you a profession roof inspection.

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Roof Installation vs Repair

When you go price checking for a new roof installation in San Gabriel, you must decide whether to have the old roof stripped to the decking, or cover the existing roof with a new layer of shingles. With this in mind the price differential will be substantial. We have found that 1/4th of homeowners save more with just simply reroofing instead of a complete tear off. However, is that a good choice?

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It has been debated by roofers on whether the answer is yes or no. the point that some roofers try to make is that you won’t be able to find the water damage on the plywood sheathing where soft spots are found that need repair. Without stripping the roof, some roofers believe this damage would not otherwise appear.

Another thing that concerns roofers about adding another layer is, the asphalt shingles are heavy, adding additional weight to the structure in addition to high snowfall for cities like San Gabriel or rainfall for cities like San Gabriel could be too much for the structure to bare properly. On the other hand, the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association both approve reroofing as a general practice when it is permitted by local building codes. The roofers that doe work of this nature say, that adding a second layer can be an acceptable option, but, even they caution that reroofing can be the more difficult option. This can definitely be the case if installing flashing around chimneys and other potential points of water entry. Therefore the job needs to be done by an experienced reroofing roof installation specialist.

What things to consider when making the choice between reroofing and tear-off:

  • The slope of the roof has uplift to horizontal run ratio of 4:12 feet maybe more in areas of more snowfall.
  • The roof that is currently in place needs to be in good condition, and needs to be made from materials that can be reroofed
  • It is best when you can visually inspect the underlying structure of the roof from the attic and it is not blocked by insulation or drywall.

Your roofer should strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes to insure the warranty on your roof still applies.

More on Roof Installation In San Gabriel

Another precaution roofers warn homeowners about is that reroofing requires shingle installation techniques that differ from the normal methods. One example being, during an overlay, shingles is hand-nailed in close clusters. On the other hand, with new installations shingles are applied in rows using a nail gun.

roof installation in San Gabriel

The weakest point in all new roofs is around the chimneys and other protrusions, as well as where the two slopes meet in the valleys of your roof. When roofers add a second layer of shingles, they must get down to the flashing and decide whether to replace it or tie into it. For a roofer to make the right decision he must first be experienced and skilled at reroofing.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, the homeowner, to decide what type of roof installation is best for you.

  • Types of roofing In most cases asphalt shingles are usually the most common and least expensive roofing material, but residential roofs can be constructed with tile, wood, slate and metal as well.
  • Venting a roof Just as the rest of your home needs to have the ability to breathe, so does your roof. Meaning, there needs to be a sense a balance between the air intake at the sofits and the air exhaust near the ridge of the roof.
  • There can be serious consequences for lack of proper roof ventilation. For example, if your roof gets too hot on a summer day, the shingles on your roof can dry out and delaminate, or get blown away by a strong wind after becoming brittle. Another example of the consequences of poor roof ventilation is the presence of condensation in the attic, which can lead to mold on the underside of the roof.
  • The U.S. Federal Housing Administration or the FHA recommends homeowners have at minimum 1 sq. ft. of attic ventilation for every 300 sq. ft. of attic space. In short, if your attic is 1,200 sq. ft. you need at least 4 feet of ventilation.
  • Hiring a roofer One of the single most important investment a homeowner makes is installing a new roof but if installed properly with the right materials, it is an investment that could last 20-30 years. Be careful where there are truthful, experienced roofers, there are crooked and untrustworthy ones as well. On Angie’s list, roofing is the most frequently researched professions.
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When hiring a roofer you should follow some of these helpful tips to get the most bangs for your buck:

  • Ask for proof of licensing, workers compensation and liability insurance from the intended contractor. Try and copy the license number and verify with your state or local trade license board.
  • Ask for references and follow up with calling them. If hesitation is seen on the part of the contractor to give them up, there is reason for suspicion.
  • Be cautious of door to door salesman offering deals and services.
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Your Roof Is Insured And Under Warranty

You need to know that if something happens to your roof, you are covered under your personal homeowner’s insurance policy. You should also know what your roofing warranties cover and under what circumstances. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover roof damage. There’s only one way to be sure, and that is to ask your homeowner’s insurance rep and evaluate the fine print on your policy for any exclusions.

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