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When it comes to granite, customers would agree it is the top of the food chain, when it comes to stones for flooring purposes. Granite, at times, can resemble marble with its black and white sprinkles or vein-like patterns.

Granite is a hard stone ensuring it last a long time. It is also water and stain resistant. Although it is very moisture-resistant, you should still seal it in moisture prone rooms.

Each stone is unique. The quality, porosity and appearance are different than the one made before it. Like the uniqueness of a snowflake, there are always differences even within the same grade of stone.

Picking Your Granite Flooring Carson

Granite stones are not always called granite. Sometimes granite stone goes by different names like, Amadeus, American Mahogany etc. It is critical to know the different grade systems so you know the where it falls in pricing.

Although there isn’t a real rating system for the grade of granite in your stone, there are 5 common grades that are considered by granite floor installation specialist and granite sellers alike. These 5 common grades are identified by letters or numbers. For example, A or I for lower grade usually being the least expensive, 5 or V being the highest grade, therefore, the most expensive as well.

To measure the quality of the stone, there is a whole different grouping system. The quality of the stone usually refers to the rarity of the stone that the granite is made from. There are three different groups when it comes to quality, first, second and third grade.

The first grade is considered premium grade granite flooring Carson. It is characterized by its uniform thickness and small filter. In standard grade stones, there is a bigger filter and a fault of some kind. On the other hand, third grade or commercial grade granite stone can have a defective cut or it could have a non-uniform quality. It may also have an atypical patter or large filters or some other fault of some kind.

Granite Flooring Carson Quality Grade

There are common disadvantages and advantages to granite flooring Carson. An example of the pros of granite flooring is that they are long-lasting and easy to clean. Also, granite is a natural product because the manufacturing does not involve the use of harmful chemicals. One example of a con of having granite flooring is the fact it gets cold. It is not as insulated as say wood flooring. Another example would be it is expensive to buy and install. The softer granite is easily damaged when it isn’t sealed properly.

When compared to other flooring materials such as hardwood or porcelain, there are some common questions asked by those looking to install a new granite floor into their house. Just as hardwood flooring adds value to your home, granite floors do the same. Yes, when properly sealed granite flooring can be a long lasting change, just as it comparable counterparts.

It can be hard, deciding what kind of flooring to add to your home to make it better. When you finally decide, I hope you call us Granite Flooring company Carson at 1-562-382-8288.

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